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Searching for clinical trials can be time consuming. The information patients find can be difficult to understand.

Our Clinical Trials Search & Support program simplifies access to clinical trials for you and your patients through navigational and financial support. We are available at every point as the patient explores and enrolls in a clinical trial.

For your patients with malignant or non-malignant hematologic disorders, we can help you and your team save time by:

  • Conducting a national clinical trials search on behalf of your patients​ with any benign or malignant hematology diagnoses—not limited to hematopoietic cell transplant and cell therapy trials
  • Identifying potential clinical trial options for uninsured or undocumented patients
  • Providing general education on clinical trials in English or Spanish to help your patients prepare for a clinical trial visit
  • Navigating your patients through the health care system so they can gather medical records for a clinical trial visit
  • Applying for grants to help your patients with travel costs to participate in clinical trials

Phone: 1-888-814-8610


Get in Touch

Once you submit an inquiry, a Clinical Trials Navigator will connect with you within 1 business day.

Then, if consent is provided, we will contact your patient to assess needs, provide education or resources, or obtain necessary information for a trial search.

As a provider, you and/or your team will be updated throughout all communications.

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