Introducing NMDP, formerly known as the National Marrow Donor Program and Be The Match. Our name has changed but our mission has not: We save lives through cell therapy. Learn More

We believe you have the right to:
  • Feel safe and respected throughout the clinical trial experience
  • Get easy-to-understand information about your diagnosis, treatment and prognosis
  • Ask questions and get answers about your treatment or care at any time
  • Have a care team that trusts you and takes your experience seriously
  • Get proper assessment and treatment of pain
  • Control when and how you share your body, thoughts and experiences
  • Choose other doctors or organizations to receive a second opinion or share your medical history with 
  • Leave a trial at any time without affecting future quality of care from doctors 

Volunteer in our Voice of the Community program

At Be The Match we value the input of patients and caregivers. If you or a loved one was diagnosed with a blood cancer or blood disorder, we invite you to volunteer as part of the Voice of the Community.

In this role, you will help make sure our programs and resources meet the needs of patients and caregivers. You can choose which type(s) of projects you'd like to participate in, including education, marketing and research-related projects.

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