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People who had a blood or marrow transplant (BMT) have higher risk dying from COVID-19

Age30-65 years old
Number of Participants318
Research GoalImprove Survival
A new study showed that COVID-19 disease may be more harmful to people who have had BMT. The study included 318 children and adults who got COVID-19 during 2020, after they had BMT. Most patients were from the US, but a few were from 5 other countries. All patients had COVID-19 disease prior to August 2020. 

Researchers looked at data from patients’ medical records that were reported to the Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research® (CIBMTR®). About 40%, or 4 out of 10 people, had moderate or severe COVID-19. One month after getting COVID 19, 30%, or 3 out of 10 people had died. Based on available data, this is much higher than patients who never had BMT. 

People were more likely to survive if they were younger than 50 years old, female, or were at least a year past allogeneic BMT when they got COVID 19. The study did not look at why people who got BMT were at higher risk of severe COVID-19 disease. 

It’s important for everyone to get vaccinated against COVID-19, researchers said. This will help protect people who need or had a BMT. It is unknown how well the vaccine works in patients who had BMT. 

Keep in mind 

An earlier study showed that people can safely get BMT during the COVID pandemic, although they need to wear a mask, stay at least 6 feet away from people they don’t live with, and tell their doctor about any new symptoms. 

What’s next 

Although more than 300 people were in this study, more research is needed to study the impacts of recently identified treatment and support for patients with COVID-19 disease. 

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