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CAR T Cell Therapy

CAR T cell therapy is a new way to treat some cancers. This treatment helps your immune system find and attack cancer cells.

Right now, treatments using CAR T cells are primarily for people who have had other standard treatments, like chemo or transplant, that didn't work and the disease has come back.

Watch this video to learn what CAR T cell therapy is, who it may be for and the risk and benefits of the treatment.
Spanish version/Versión en español disponible aquí
Chapter 1: What is CAR T cell therapy and how does it work?Chapter 2: How are CAR T cells made?Chapter 3: Who can get CAR T cell therapy?Chapter 4: What is the treatment like?Chapter 5: What are the risks of CAR T cell therapy?Chapter 6: What questions should I ask my doctor?Chapter 7: Will my insurance pay for CAR T cell therapy?Chapter 8: How do I find CAR T cell therapy clinical trials?