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Questions for your Doctor about Clinical Trials

You are allowed (and encouraged!) to ask questions at any time before, during or after participating in a clinical trial. If you’re interested in a clinical trial, you can use the following questions to talk with your doctor. 
Treatment Options 
Is this clinical trial a good fit for me? Why? 
What are my treatment options if I don’t join this trial? 
Are there other clinical trials that might help me? 
Clinical Trial Details 
What is this clinical trial trying to do? 
What phase is this clinical trial and what does that mean? 
Why do researchers think this new treatment might work? Has it been tested before? 
Have there been other trials like this one? If yes, what were the results? 
How many patients are needed for the clinical trial? 
How long will the trial take?  
What will the long-term follow-up care be like? 
How will I find out about the results of the clinical trial? 
Potential Benefits and Harms
How could this clinical trial help me? 
How will I know if the treatment is working? 
What are the possible side effects of this treatment I could experience right away? Over time? 
Does this treatment involve a blood or marrow transplant (BMT) or other cell therapy that, once completed, can’t be reversed? 
Practical Questions 
What will I have to do if I join? 
Will I have to stay in the hospital? 
Will I have to come to the hospital for treatments and tests? How often? 
Will I have to change my daily activities or my diet? 
Who will be in charge of my care? 
Who will pay for treatment? 
If I have questions about the trial, who can I contact?

Download this list of questions to bring to your appointment:
Questions for your Doctor.pdf 177.48 KB