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Search Tool FAQs

What kind of clinical trials can I find with the search tool? 

You can find clinical trials that are for people with: 
  • Blood cancers, like leukemia or lymphoma 
  • Blood disorders, like sickle cell disease or severe aplastic anemia 
  • Immune deficiency disorders, like severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) 
  • Complications after a blood or marrow transplant (BMT), like graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) 
For these diseases, we list trials that study: 
  • Treatments or therapies 
  • Ways to manage symptoms like nausea, pain or fatigue 
  • Tests, tools or programs that may improve overall well-being. For example, these trials may help a person take medicines, cope with illness, or do their daily activities.  
We only list trials that are: 
Where do you get information about the clinical trials? 

We get information about the trials from Then we edit the information to make it easier to understand and add it to our search tool. 
Is your clinical trial information up to date? 

It can take our team up to 4-6 weeks to post new clinical trials. We also update the search tool if there are significant changes to a clinical trial after it’s posted on
We recently added quality of life trials to our search tool. Not all hospitals and clinics list their quality of life trials on So, our search tool is a place to start but it is not complete. If you’d like to join a quality of life trial but don’t see one, contact us. We can help you find out what your options may be. 
What if I can’t find a trial for me with the search tool? 

Please contact us for help. You can email or call 1 (888) 814-8610. We’ll ask you about your diagnosis, past treatments, and treatment goals. Then we can look at your options together. For some people there are no clinical trials available. But for others, there may be a trial that has just opened or is about to open. Either way, we can help you explore your options, give you questions to ask your doctor and look for trials for you.